Fashion in pictures: Milan Fashion Week signals happier and sunnier times

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, Milan Fashion Week proved that the show must, and will always, go on. And it wasn’t all doom and gloom too. Designers showcased collections that remind of happier days to come (or, of the past).

Many labels sent out clothes walking the line of themes like “renewal”,”escapism” and “hope”. Optimism was big on the Milan runways for Spring/Summer 2021.

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Although, it saw scores of influencers and buyers nursing bruised egos. The reduced number of seats for physicals shows meant organisers had to be really selective when sending out invites.

Face masks were mandated for guests, as well. Selfies in front of the runway for social media, thus became something less glamorous compared to past years.

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“In this year marked by the Covid-19 epidemic, fashion has demonstrated, despite the difficulties that lie ahead, a great strength and sense of unity,” said Italian fashion chamber’s head Carlo Capasa.

And indeed, the industry delivered. From Dolce & Gabbana to Max Mara, Versace, Fendi and Etro, the labels reminded everyone that happier days will come again.

In a world gripped by a pandemic, Milan Fashion Week showed a rare glimpse of sunshine – that the “new normal” isn’t bleak and dreary.

Check out some of the highlights in the gallery below.

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