Eloquii Unlimited Is the Best Clothing Rental Service for Plus-Size Women


There’s nothing I love more than the thrill of a new outfit arriving on my doorstep. I’ve never found in-store shopping particularly relaxing (dressing room lighting… blegh), and now that COVID-19 is a thing, it’s even less appealing. Luckily for all of us, though (and unluckily for my bank account), ordering clothing online has never been easier. Not only are there thousands of retail sites that offer quick and easy shipping options, but there are also now dozens of clothing rental services that make trying different pieces easier than ever. 

I’ve tried my fair share of these types of services over the years, including the more popular ones like Rent The Runway and Nuuly, while fluctuating between sizes 12 and 18. Although plus-size clothing shopping is never easy, I was still always able to find cute and size-inclusive pieces through these services—even if there were far more options for straight-size shoppers. Still, though, I enjoyed renting clothing and only stopped my memberships when it no longer made sense for my lifestyle or bank account. What I hadn’t ever tried, though, was a plus size-focused clothing rental service. So when I saw that Eloquii (a brand that offers sizes 12-28) was launching Eloquii Unlimited, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

If you have used a clothing rental service before, then the Eloquii Unlimited interface will probably feel familiar to you, but there are a few things that are different. To start, you browse through options and choose your favorite pieces (you are allowed to fill your virtual closet with 10 picks). Then, based on availability, four items are shipped to you on a rotating basis. When you send all four back, Eloquii will send you another shipment and so forth. You can do this as many times in a month as you’d like for $79—a pretty reasonable cost when you consider this is about the median price of a single Eloquii dress (they currently range from $90-$180). And of course, every piece is cleaned and sanitized before arriving on your doorstep.

Unlike some of the more expensive rental services, there isn’t an option to swap out one piece at a time—you have to send back all four in order to receive more pieces. This might be frustrating to people who want more flexibility with their shipments, but I found it a reasonable trade for such a low monthly fee. The best part of the experience for me, though, was how inclusive it felt. 

Instantly, I was aware of how different it felt to have every single option on the site be something that came in my size. Though I had loved my experience with Rent The Runway and Nuuly (both of which offer a generous selection of plus-size pieces), I often came across pieces that didn’t come in my size at all—even after I filtered out everything but the pieces that came in my size. As any plus-size shopper knows, this is a bummer, no matter how used to it you are. Browsing Eloquii Unlimited and knowing that each and every piece came in my size felt amazing.

I was pleasantly surprised when my first shipment arrived—of the four pieces, two didn’t fit me quite right and two were perfect. In fact, I loved one of the dresses so much that I might just buy it (Eloquii Unlimited allows you to purchase rented pieces at a discounted price).  The shipment also came with a pre-labeled, generously sized package to make returning the items incredibly simple. 

All in all, Eloquii Unlimited is a wonderful value and an inclusive, enjoyable experience that any plus-size shopper would probably appreciate. After browsing for a few weeks, it seems that certain pieces and sizes do “sell out” quickly, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it constantly and adding pieces to your closet as soon as you see them. If you’re still on the fence, though, look at it this way: Ask yourself how much do you spend on clothing per month right now. Then ask yourself if that number is more than $79 for less than four-eight pieces? If the answer is yes, then Eloquii Unlimited is probably worth it, considering that you’d probably return and re-order pieces one-two times per month. 

The bottom line about Eloquii Unlimited for me, though? Plus-size women deserve to feel joy and ease in shopping just as much as straight-size women do, and I’m incredibly happy to see a service that’s providing just that.

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