Customers left without their clothes after Madison County dry cleaning business suddenly shuts down | News

A dry-cleaning business in Madison County abruptly shut down, leaving its customers without access to their clothes for almost two months.

WAAY 31 learned about this situation after a viewer emailed the newsroom. 

Payton Alongi is upset and says her grandparents — who have used Sneed’s services for more than 20 years — are hurt and confused.

She said they’re not exactly sure why the business they’ve trusted so long would ghost them with no explanation.

Unfortunately, Alongi’s grandparents are not alone.

After spending the majority of Friday morning at the Sneed’s location on Mastin Lake Road, some customers had no idea about the shutdown and looked confused, walking up to the building.

Other customers were frustrated, saying they’ve been coming up here all week and have yet to see anyone inside so they can pick up their clothes.

Signs are plastered on doors and windows with phone numbers and notes like, “Give me my clothes.”

Some customers say the experience is a slap in the face.

“I think it’s very unprofessional. Like I said, I’ve been a customer for at least five to six years,” said Antwon Crutcher. “I’ve always picked up my clothes. I’ve never had a problem with them before. So, I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t reached out to us or called me personally to pick up my particular clothes.”

Others are hurt, like Alongi’s family. On April 8, her grandfather dropped off some of his most-prized articles of clothing, as he had done for years.

Unfortunately, this time was different, and for two months, he’s been waiting to hear back.

“You said the word ‘ghosted,’ and I can’t think of a better word than that,” said Alongi.

She said the customers have been left “high and dry,” and she would support someone who wanted to seek legal action against the business.

Her grandfather isn’t at that point yet.

“I’m not claiming it won’t happen, I’m just saying at this moment, it’s not feasible for him,” said Alongi.

It’s a frustrating situation for so many people who have relied upon this establishment for so many years.

WAAY 31 started trying to contact this business Friday. We’ve not heard back.