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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is now rapidly incoming, with the retailer officially confirming the start time of its super sale earlier today. This has naturally led to questions about whether we will see any PS5 deals come the big day.

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PS5 Amazon Prime Day

This best Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals guides is designed to break down which products and software we will see be made available, as well as if there will be discounts on it. From the consoles themselves, to TVs, accessories and games.

The really exciting thing for gamers, though, is that pre-Amazon Prime Day deals are already live now, with the retailer officially confirming that fresh offers are going to be dropping every day from September 28, 2020.

Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals – Consoles

T3’s PS5 pre-orders guide is the number one resource for gamers to use when tracking down their own PlayStation 5 right now. However, can we expect any PS5 pre-order console deals to go live on Amazon Prime Day this year?


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We’re not hearing of any price drops come Amazon Prime Day, as you wouldn’t expect for a brand new console that is 2020’s most desired product, but we are hearing rumors that Amazon is going to have some fresh PS5 pre-order stock go live in the APD week.

For the best prices on PS5 pre-orders right now consult our guide (link above) or view the below deal charts.

Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals – Televisions

We’re expecting huge discounts on many of the finest televisions that currently make up our best gaming TVs buying guide, including the king of them all, the LG CX.

The LG CX is available right now at Amazon for a great price, and it the perfect TV partner for the PS5 as it comes packing OLED display technology, a 4K resolution, as well as a game-perfect 120Hz refresh rate.

As such, if you want to make the most out of the PlayStation 5’s powerful new hardware, then a TV like the LG CX is the perfect fit, and we’re confident it will get a price drop come Amazon Prime Day.

Don’t want to wait to get a PS5-perfect TV? These are the best prices on the LG CX right now.

Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals – Games

You only have to take one look at T3’s PS5 games guide to see how special gaming on PlayStation 5 is going to be, and right now Amazon has loads of titles up for pre-order.

These are titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Godfall, Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry 6, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Planet Coaster, Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and NBA 2K21, among others.

Amazon Prime Day could be a great day to lock-in many of the PS5’s next-gen games, as well as bag some previous-gen bargains, too. We’re expecting big PS4 game discounts for sure.

Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals – Accessories

Many of the official PlayStation 5 accessories are already sold out in terms of first-wave pre-orders, although you can still pick up the PS5 HD Camera, Media remote and DualSense controller right now.

We’re expecting more third-party peripheral makers to announce PS5 accessories in the run up to Amazon Prime Day, though, so the event could be a great time to flesh out your PS5 setup. You can view all PS5 accessories available right now directly on Amazon’s website.

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