ASOS Launches ‘Circular Fashion’ Collection After Commitment At Copenhagen Fashion Summit

‘Fast fashion’ companies face ever increasing scrutiny at the moment, with pressure mounting to alter production practices to make them more sustainable and to discourage seasonal ‘disposability.’

It follows then, that e-tail giant ASOS is taking pains to address the issue. After a commitment at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2018 to train all ASOS designers in ‘circular’ design – a process which reduces waste and aims to ensure clothes remain in circulation, rather than heading to landfill after just a couple of uses – the team have now brought out their first circular collection.

asos circular fashion collection


The collection has been designed and produced to meet industry-leading circular design standards, you’ll be pleased to know, and it adheres to eight fundamental circular design principles:

  1. Zero-waste design: Using zero-waste design pattern cutting methods, so that none of the fabric ends up in the bin.
    1. 2. Minimised waste: Using design methods and manufacturing techniques that minimise overall waste during production.

      3. Recycled input: Selecting materials with a recycled input.

      4. Durability: Selecting materials and using construction methods that will allow the product to endure, so you can love your products for longer.

      5. Versatility: Designing products that can adapt to trend and purpose and can be styled in multiple ways, ensuring they stay in your wardrobe for longer.

      6. Mono-material: Using the same recyclable material throughout the product.

      7. Disassembly: Designing products that can be easily taken apart at the end of their life, which makes it easier to reuse or recycle.

      8. Upcycle: Using design techniques and product modifications to remanufacture and upcycle something old into something new.

      The collection constitutes 29 items, with t-shirts, cardis, denim and tailoring all thrown in the mix. And you can spot key autumn colours like brown, lilac, neutral and acid washes in the line, making them versatile and infinitely pairable during the colder months. Many of the items are also reversible or can be worn more than one way, increasing their wearability.

      You can shop the collection here, but below are a couple of the ELLE team faves:

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