Those Animals on Kobe Bryant’s Feet

Every moment approaches to the release of signature shoes for 우리카지노 Kobe Bryant seems to be the happiest time for sneakerheads. These people are from young to old, coming from native people and overseas guys. And all of them are in common of being crazy NBA fans.

Each series of Kobe signature shoes coming from Nike company, there are various different names of the sneakers. And not only start from the Nike Zoom Kobe VI, we have noticed that there are different kinds of animals are being on Kobe’s feet. Take a look at the Kobe 6, the name of Black mamba comes from his nick name, but the texture of this series of sneakers are made crafted using the almost the reality of snake skin. Although it is looking cool and having a good meaning by Kobe’s nickname and 우리카지노 speed and quick reaction on the basketball court, as me myself I don’t like this one which is scared. Do you really like to take a snake moving around your feet? Image how it will be when you put touches smoothly from the skins. Oh no, that’s crazy.

Apart from snakes, there are lots of different kinds of animals have been used for Kobe’s signature shoes, such as Wolf, Shark, Frog and Leopard, etc. Just take a look at the latest and the most attractive NBA basketball shoes for this season, you will find all these names of animals in Nike Kobe VII shoes. In general, I just feel good with them. That does not mean that I like these kinds of animals, I feel good with them because the styles and appearance of Zoom Kobe 7 are good and nice. In only the colorway you will find elements reflecting the animals. Do not like the former Kobe 6 in touching.

Compared to those hard-to-remember colorways explain in only black, purple, photo blue, del sol, or some combination of several mixed colours, the using of animals named the sneakers is wise in marketing after all. And some of them are so popular in the market that a great number of sneakers are sold soon after the release.

Apart from the lots of colourways used in Nike Kobe Shoes, there are a lots of “animals” are used in crafting the NBA basketball shoes.