Encouraging The Community Development Programmes in India

Man has made tremendous developments in all the spheres of his life to make sure that he survives against all odds and against all negatives coming in his path. Although he has been found to be focussing on bringing more and more advancements in the field of science and technology and matching up with the speeds of robots but being a social animal from within- he still needs someone or the other around him including his family, friends, relatives, and all his near and dear ones which he call his ‘society’. With changing times, this society surrounding man and affecting his life has also been seen to undergo many changes thereby causing eventual advancement and uplifting in the civilizing manners and living standards of human beings.

To make sure that with the increasing advancements in the fields of science and technology, society or mankind has also accepted increasing changes and updates to match up with the changing times and the changing needs of the new generations. These updated changes mainly include the changes in the infrastructure of the buildings, hospital buildings, school buildings, roads, etc. Apart from all these materialistic or worldly stuff, advancements or updated developments are also required in various communities of the society so that not only the non- living stuff get developed but also the humans or living beings get adapted to the changing times and the changing generations. We, เล่นสล็อต humans should be the ones joining our hands together and encourage various community development programmes in India so as to make sure that surviving or existing in this tough competitive world does not seem to be so tough that people have to end up their lives by their own. Community development programme India mainly focuses on changing the mindsets of people towards humanity and living altogether so that their hearts and minds get freed from negativities and cruel realities about life.

These programmes of community development do not only focus on one or the other specific community but instead theywork for the welfare of all the communities without getting biased towards any particular community. Any person- individually or with a group of individuals or with the collaboration and help from any government party can start doing this noble work for doing eventual good of people no matter what class or community they literally belong to.

DLF Foundation, Gurgaon is a very well established NGO, working for the betterment of rural India at large. Several community development programme india has been carried out by the foundation. It is working for the overall betterment of the society.